We put sustainability into business finance

Our end-to-end solution helps finance providers to originate, structure, and service sustainability-linked finance for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

Green Finance


Use our marketplace to originate financing to SMEs that are committed to sustainability.


Use our framework tool to create sustainability-linked loan frameworks for each SME.


Use our servicing tool to monitor borrower performance and manage sustainability-linked cash flows.

Why SustainSME?

We address the challenge of embedding sustainability into business finance. 

Our platform tools make it easy for finance providers to offer sustainability-linked finance to SMEs, aligned with the Sustainability-Linked Loan Principles. Our marketplace creates the ecosystem needed to help businesses on their sustainability journey. 

We are the only end-to-end software solution for sustainable business finance.

Why embed sustainability into business finance?

SMEs account for over 90% of all businesses worldwide, so it’s imperative that they take part in the transition to a greener, more sustainable future.

Sustainability-linked finance can be an important catalyst for action – SMEs will receive the financing they need to grow and a known financial incentive to become more sustainable.

But what are the gains for finance providers? Here are six benefits that finance providers could achieve by offering sustainability-linked finance to SMEs:


Attract SMEs who need financing to reach net zero

Surveys have shown that sustainability is a strategic priority for many SMEs and one in five say they will use external finance for net zero initiatives.


Attract capital that needs to deliver on ESG commitments

Banks and institutional investors will be able to deliver on their ESG commitments by funding sustainability-linked loans to SMEs.


Obtain the ESG data needed for regulatory reporting

Incentivise SMEs to measure and report the ESG data that will be needed by banks and investors for mandatory sustainability reporting.


Qualify for initiatives supporting net zero

Benefit from government policies that support financing of SMEs in the transition to a low carbon future.


Reduce financed emissions rather than offset

Incentivising SME’s to reduce their carbon emissions is better for the environment than relying on offsets, and it may be cheaper too.


Meet the demand for sustainable investments

Originate assets that are compliant with SFDR Article 9 and other sustainable investment classifications to attract new sustainability-focused investors.

Our platform tools

We are building the tools finance providers need to embed sustainability into business finance. Aligned with the Sustainability-Linked Loan Principles, our tools will enable finance providers to structure and service sustainability-linked finance products for business customers and to report the impact of the financing to stakeholders.

Loan framework

Our digitial sustainability coordinator will prepare sustainabilty-linked loan frameworks for each SME.

Loan servicing

Our servicing tool will monitor each KPI and manage the cash flows of sustainability-linked loans.

Loan reporting

Our reporting tool will calculate the impact of the financing and its alignment with sustainability goals.

The ecosystem for sustainability-linked business finance

We are creating the ecosystem needed to embed sustainability into business finance. On our marketplace of finance providers, ESG consultants and ESG solution providers, SMEs who are committed to sustainability will find the partners they need to help them on their sustainability journey.

Sustainability Linked Loan Ecosystem

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