We are creating the ecosystem needed to embed sustainability into business finance. 

We will match SMEs with finance providers who are using SustainSME. SMEs will be able to search for sustainability-linked finance and compare financing terms from multiple providers, while finance providers will be able to find SMEs who are committed to becoming more sustainable. 

We know that SMEs need help to measure and report sustainability data, so we are partnering with ESG solution providers who can help. Many SMEs need guidance on what actions to take, so we are partnering with ESG consultants who can provide the right advice. 

Together we can help SMEs to create a more sustainable future.

Sustainability Linked Loan Ecosystem

A marketplace to help SMEs on their sustainability journey

Our marketplace is where SMEs will be able to find the partners they need to fulfil their sustainability goals. 

If an SME needs financing, our marketplace will match them with the most suitable finance providers who offer sustainability-linked finance using our platform. By allowing SMEs to share their sustainability-linked loan framework, we make it easy to obtain competing quotes so that SMEs can find the finance provider that suits them best.

If an SME is not yet reporting verified ESG data, our marketplace will connect them to our ESG solutions partners so that they can begin measuring and reporting the required data to our platform.

If an SME needs advice on what actions to take, our marketplace will connect them to our vetted ESG consultant partners who have the necessary expertise.

Sustainability Linked Loan Marketplace

Matching SMEs with sustainable finance providers

A marketplace for finance providers to originate sustainability-linked finance

Our marketplace will connect finance providers with SMEs that are committed to becoming more sustainable. 

Finance providers will be matched with SMEs that are aligned with their own sustainability goals, such as a commitment to reduce their financed carbon emissions to net zero or to finance businesses aligned with certain UN Sustainability Development Goals. 

The sustainability-linked loan framework will contain all the information a finance provider needs to assess the sustainability ambitions of each SME.

Sustainability Linked Loan Framework - Output

Finance providers can align their financing with an SME’s sustainability strategy.

A marketplace for ESG consultants and ESG solutions providers to further their reach

Our marketplace will connect ESG consultants and ESG solution providers with SMEs who need help on their sustainability journey. Our referral model will bring to our partners new customers who will have a financial incentive to take action .